Quality Policy

Family Bárány is committed to quality for 100 years. Not only the family, but also the company’s every employee is aware of this commitment. May it be any point of the production process, each employee knows that, at the end of the production chain, we are manufacturing food. All of our colleagues feel how important this effort is and never forget it while completing their daily tasks.

The Master Good group of companies guarantees that the poultry products manufactured and distributed by Master Good can safely be consumed, because the complete product line (laying plants, hatching, fodder production, meat chicken raising and processing) is owned by the company, and the company manages and checks it. The group of companies is owned 100 % by Hungarians, each plant is located in Hungary. Each poultry stock is grown in a closed raising area under strict hygienic and animal health control which excludes any opportunity of infection. During the poultry’s feeding we do not use any antibiotics, manipulated raw materials, hormones, or other yield increasers to increase the yield. We operate animal welfare programs on our breeding plants where the perching density is maximized. We apply Salmonella cleaning programs for the whole integration.

In the agricultural area the laying plants, the hatching and the meat chicken raising plants operate HACCP food safety systems with GlobalGAP certification and the fodder production process has UFAS certification.

The food plants, the Master Good Kft.’s poultry processing plant in Kisvárda (HU 112 EK) and the further processing plant in Petneháza (HU 215 EK) operate systems certified according to the standards of the IFS-BRC commercial chains to ensure safe food production which include also the HACCP system. Moreover, the poultry processing plant in Kisvárda has the British Tesco Integra animal welfare certificate and the Tesco FMS certificate, and the further processing plant in Petneháza has been audited by Tesco PIU.

Each area of the product line is regularly checked by laboratory tests (monitoring program) as part of the quality control and food safety.


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